My Adventure Theater is truly a personal adventure where your guests are the stars! Choose from three wonder-filled, action-packed performances that will tickle your funny bone and warm your heart. Also, choose from a variety of strolling characters designed to bring crowds to the less traveled areas of your grounds, create a celebration atmosphere, and delight guests of all ages.

  Pirate Island  

Join Barnacle Bean and her crew as they sail the seven seas in search of the legendary treasure of Pirate Island.  Our story gets zany as our band of wacky pirates collide with a lagoon of beautiful mermaids, a gaggle of rowdy monkeys and a magical dragon.  A tale of friendship, honesty, courage and a really terrific battle unfolds when Pirate Island makes YOU the star.

 Nottingham Forest  

Join Lady Lavender and her band of chivalrous knights as they set out on a quest to free the King from the dreaded Dark Dragon.  On the way, they encounter a forest of friendly animals, a caravan of beautiful fairies, and a magical fairy godmother.   A story of truth, honor and friendship, plus a magnificant finale takes place when Nottingham Forest takes YOU on the adventure of a lifetime.

Galactic Voyage

Join Commander BubbleLove aboard the USS RabbleRouser as we journey through time and space on a quest to free the Furballs of Pathonia from the Cyber Dancers!  Once the Furballs are captured, it is up to the Sky Rangers to bring order and justice to the galaxy.  A story of stewardship and teamwork, when you join the adventure to the future!